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Billions in New Business Opportunities for Small Business

Supplier Connection

What do you get when you add six of America's leading corporations together in an alliance to open their supply chains to small business?  As much as $150 Billion in new business opportunities for American small business, that's what. In a press release on 9/14/2010, IBM announced that a six company alliance lead by IBM will launch an initiative known as "Supplier Connection" in the first quarter of 2011, opening the doors of these companies combined $150 Billion supply chain needs to American … [Read more...]

Keys to Selecting an Indian Outsourcing Partner


Finding someone with an India offshore horror story is a little like trying to find fireworks on the 4th of July (or Diwali, for my Indian friends…).  They’re everywhere. That’s odd, frankly. To believe the mantra of “Brand India,” offshoring buyers get superior East Indian technical training coupled with the best available processes, resulting in far superior results than you can achieve on your own.  “We’re better than you” – that’s supposed to be the value. Something is going wrong. Brand India’s … [Read more...]