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Hiring Post-Recession: 4 Laws to Keep One Man’s Trash from Becoming Another Man’s… Trash


There's an old saying that "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  True or not, there's an even wiser saying that "A good recession is a terrible thing to waste!" Consider all the companies you know who have issued "layoffs" over the past several years.  Think through the stories you've heard at dinner parties or around barbeques about how the poorest performers were cut first - the "C" player slough that most employees were amazed still had a job.  Next came marginal contributors, the "B" players who made … [Read more...]

Managing for Challenging Times


Every economic cycle poses unique challenges, meaning some businesses are hit harder than others, but nobody escapes forever.  Whether it’s election year uncertainties, mortgage meltdowns, credit crises or some other scare, forces simply conspire from time to time to generate a unique blend of self-induced societal hysteria easily rivaling the effects of any Starbucks five-shot venti mocha latte in the blood stream of the average business owner.  In short, it’s easy to be left feeling frazzled, frenzied, and more … [Read more...]